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Harnessing the Power of WeChat influencers to help expand Michelin’s userbase within China

Harnessing the Power of WeChat influencers to help expand Michelin’s userbase within China



Michelin Group is the global initiator of tyre tech and was founded over more than a hundred years ago in Clermont-Ferrand, France. By the end of 2011, Michelin had over 6,700 employees and more than 10,000 offline stores in China.

Michelin partnered with Parllay with the aim to connect with WeChat users on a deeper level to further grow their user base and raise their awareness within China.

  • Use the cartoon image of Mr. Michelin and initiate in-depth interaction with WeChat users
  • Provide nearest store locating service for WeChat users
  • Full channel marketing including online & offline and track performance of each offline marketing channel
  • Cooperate with multi-marketing tech service providers and centralized WeChat asset management


  • Unable to provide a quick and highly accurate response to location based WeChat inquires within its database while having more than 10,000 offline stores in China
  • Need to identify each offline to online transaction through all channels besides Michelin offline stores
  • WeChat API does not support parallel operating multiple systems while it will take too much time as well as high operating costs if to upgrade


By partnering with Parllay, Michelin has achieved a deep interaction between Mr. Michelin (the Emoji King) and WeChat users; data tracking and collection based on QR code marketing channel. Michelin also connected personal data and marketing by the function of locating the nearest Michelin store.


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